Children, it is I your Heavenly Mother, my dear little ones. Children become ardent in your prayers. Do not let your words remain without great love. Do not allow yourselves to come before The Lord with hearts that are not fully opened to receive graces. You pray without trusting. You ask and do not seek to please my Son. First seek the will of God then he will bless your works. (Our Lady pauses for a moment). My little ones do not become discouraged by what I am telling you. You must learn to love. You must trust that your Father in Heaven hears every prayer. When you pray first open your hearts and love Your Father. Offer him praise and thanksgiving. Be willing to accept his will. Even if that will causes you to endure some trial. Surely he will reward your efforts. When you pray always be sincere. Your Father in Heaven already knows what you desire. He listens with great love. Take a moment and recall the many gifts you have already received. Some of which you never thought to ask for. How good is your Father to give to each child what they need to grow in virtues. My children when you ask, already know that you are loved by all of Heaven. My Son has a great love for every child. His mercy is endless and he only wishes to pour out graces upon each of you. So my little ones ask and you will receive. Seek God’s Heart and you will find him waiting with abiding love. Trust. My children when you fully trust in God’s love, no longer will you be afraid. You will understand God’s great gift of salvation. You will see how every journey begins with his love. Then my children you will be home where you belong. I love you my little ones and I give you my motherly blessings. Know this. 

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