Children, it is I your Heavenly Mother, my dear little ones. Children become warriors during this time of great division. Carry a flame within your hearts for the glory of my Son. He is truly Lord of all and redeemer of mankind. Go out among your brothers and sisters and proclaim the good news of my Son. Talk about his merciful Heart. Speak about the chambers of his most Sacred and Merciful Heart. Go forth and begin a devotion. Bring comfort to those in need. Bring solace to those who are afflicted. Many graces will be received through this devotion. Mankind was saved through the Chambers of my Son’s heart. In every chamber there is a deeper understanding of my Son’s great love for all of humanity. You can begin to grow in holiness as you move through each chamber. My little ones begin tonight by giving my Son your yes. Then you will enter his first chamber and begin your journey of salvation. I love you my little ones and I give you my motherly blessings. Know this. 

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