Children, it is I your Heavenly mother, my dear little ones. Children be at peace with each other. Do not provoke your brothers or sisters. Look to them with kindness. Be meek at heart. Ready to forgive and be forgiven. Contemplate my Son’s eternal gift. Remember how he loved each of you even to his death, he loved you. With great anticipation he bore every burden knowing that everything he bore was for your salvation. Children you must learn to love again. To trust in what my Son has given you. To receive his mercy with hearts that are contrite. Be willing to offer your forgiveness to anyone who asks for it. To deny someone forgiveness is the same as denying my Son’s gift. Do not turn your back on anyone. Even a stranger. All are children of God’s. Every child belongs to God’s heart. My Son brought forth salvation for everyone. No one was denied this gift. It is my children who do not accept this. By your actions or lack of, you have denied even knowing. What you deny causes you to no longer trust or accept from my Son. My little ones I encourage you to love. To see each moment as an opportunity to bring about fruits. To grow in faith and charity. I love you my little ones and I am praying for your hearts to become tabernacles for my Son and to spread a devotion to the chambers of his Most Sacred and Merciful Heart. I love you and I give you my motherly blessings. Know this. 

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