Children, it is I your Heavenly Mother, my dear little ones. Children take heart. I am your Mother. I love you with my motherly love and affection. Close to my immaculate heart you are when you follow the will of my Son. My little ones, I desire for each of you to enter into a union with my Son through the sacraments. Make good use of the gifts you are receiving. Children when you struggle do not give into temptation. Call upon me and I will pray for you. I will shield you with my mantle of motherly love. Children you are so very dear to my heart. Know that you are loved. If you could understand how much love there is for each of you, never would you wish for things. You would only desire Heaven because this is where love abounds. Seek the will of my Son. Then everything you do will be blessed. You will bear much fruit. I love you my little ones and I come tonight bringing you blessings. Know this.

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