Children. It is I your Heavenly Mother. My dear little ones. Tonight I come to remind you the importance of a strong prayer life. It is through prayers that wars can end. Peace can return to families and difficulties can be overcome. Take time every day to pray. Pray until prayer becomes a joyful union between you and my son. Keep evening prayer alive in your families. Make your homes a dwelling place for my son.( I can see a family altar with a bible and crucifix on it. I also see a picture of the holy trinity.) Remind each other to be living examples of faith. Especially always being ready with a forgiving heart when you have been offended. Was not my son offended? Did he not endure many wrongful assaults? Yes my children and still he forgave with a loving and merciful heart. Full of compassion for his Father’s children. Strive to resemble my son in all things. Then you will be living your faith. This children is what I desire from each of you. I love you and give you my motherly blessings. Know this. 

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