Brothers and sisters. It is I your Heavenly King calling each of you unto my heart. Chosen and cherished are each of you to my Father in Heaven. This is the truth I am asking you to believe. You must realize that you were created for love and to be loved. That is why he told you that you were chosen and cherished to his heart. I too love each of you. I placed each of you in the depths of my heart when I bore everything upon my cross. In my dying moments I gave forth everything to the Father on your behalf. Every breath was taken with much difficulty out of love for you. Begin to take this truth into the depths of your souls. You are priceless. Begin to recognize this in yourselves and in each other. Then come to me unite all of this to my sacred and merciful heart. A heart that was pierced open so my mercy could be poured out for the salvation of all. Begin to love each other with hearts that are pure. Offer each other selfless acts of sacrifices. The more you place others needs ahead of your own the quicker you will understand the lessons that you are receiving. Love does not come from things. Love begets love. Start living the messages and you will have peace again in your world. Families will again be united. Only when you remove the sins of pride and lack of love will you begin to become fruitful. I love you and give you my priestly blessings. Know this. 
Love begets love: If you behave lovingly to another person, that person will behave lovingly to you.

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