Children. It is I your Heavenly Mother. My dear little ones. Children I desire for you to be happy. Happiness can be found doing the will of God. Children you must always seek the will of God in all things. Turn away from darkness. Each day make a firm purpose to amend your ways and return your hearts to my son. Begin living the messages that have been given to you. Then you will be prepared when my son comes. Children do not rely on tomorrow to change. You only have this present moment. Change your hearts now. Again return to a people who worship God with hearts that are pure and selfless. Today you are easily distracted by the evil one through pride. You must repent and turn away from all evil. You are children of God. You belong to your Heavenly Father through the sacrifice of my only son. This my children is the truth that you must seek. I love you and give you my motherly blessings. Know this. 

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