Children. It is I your heavenly mother. My dear little ones. May peace enter into your families through prayer and a return to the sacraments. Your families must become a tabernacle for my son. A place where he is in the center. Always loved and welcomed. ( I see a family praying united together. They are happy to be praying because they know Jesus is in their midst. The family’s children ages seem 2,4,6 and 10. They are gathered in their family room and it is evening after dinner.). You must become even more prudent in your choices these days. Forsaking wants and desires and replacing them with sacred scripture and a return to family prayer. This is necessary if you wish to prepare your families and hearts for my son’s return. Contemplate your actions. Have you been forthright in all you say and do. Children I must urge you to not take a back seat any longer. To much time has already been wasted. Now is the time to awaken your hearts and return to my son with hearts full of contrition. Fully trusting in his mercy for you. My children I love you. You must realize what is at stake. I again encourage you to fast on Wednesday and Friday. Especially from meat. When you deny yourself in small matters you will also be able to deny yourself in large matters. I love you and I give you my motherly blessings. Know this. 

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