Children. It is I St. Anne coming to talk about the importance of bringing up holy families. Do not think that children do not require lessons on faith. My dear children, children require many lessons as well as examples to follow. Parents take your vocation with all seriousness. What you sow today will be tomorrows fruits. The family is under attack today. You must work diligently to protect this. The family unit is important. Traditions are carried on from one generation to the next. Every person in a family has an important job. Each member must work together to practice virtues. To give and receive love. To become tomorrows saints. Children begin to read scripture with each other at night. If you have small children tell them stories that will help them grow in faith. Morals and values are lessons that can be taught at any age. A child is never to old or to young to learn about the great mysteries of God. Parents set good examples for Your children. Children listen to your parents and keep Gods commandments. Then you will become holy. I love you and pray for your families to seek my grandson in all things

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