18 month Anniversary
Children. It is I your heavenly father coming to speak with you. Listen children to your Father. How loved you are by me. I desire to shelter you in the palm of my hand. It is in the depths of love that I called you forth. Man and women I created you. I blessed you and placed you forth to be fruitful and fill the earth. How much I desire for the same today. I wish for you to be fruitful. Full of graces and mercy. Constantly striving for peace and mercy to fill your hearts. You only need to look at what my only son taught you. He followed my will. He was blessed and blessed. He withheld nothing offering everything to each of my children. This my children is the way to my heart. Through my son your gate. It is in trusting what has been given to you that you will find salvation. Trusting in the mercy that was granted to each of you by my sons sacrifice on the cross. How dearly he pleased me. How much he loved each of you. Now I ask all of you my children to begin uniting yourself once again to my heart full of mercy and unending love for my children. Do not avert your hearts to my gaze. Do not shut your ears to my calling you. It is my love I wish to give you. My mercy I wish to bestow on you. Simply return to my heart. Here I have called you forth and here I wish for you to return. You are a treasure I hold in delight. Beauty of unparalleled value. Do you not see how cherished you are to me. Still I call out to you. My children you are loved. Chosen and cherished you will always be to me. Everlasting will I love you. This I tell you. You are as unique to my heart as tear drops. In my heart I place you. Tonight I give you my blessings. Know this. 

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