Brothers and sisters. It is I your Heavenly King calling each of you unto my heart. Never fear coming to me for I am meek and humble of heart. Do not fear asking anything of me. I am always ready to place graces into your Souls. Never fear asking for my mercy. To a contrite sinner mercy has already been given. Do not fear anything except sin. Only what separates us should you be fearful of. ( I see a person cowering in shame for having offended God. Jesus kneels beside her and places his arm about her shoulder.) Only then do I offer you my forgiveness and my mercy. I love you and give you my priestly blessings. 
Dear children. It is I your Heavenly Father coming tonight to talk about salvation. A covenant was made with my children. Unbroken. This my children has become a source of life giving bread. A cup of everlasting blood to be shared with all. Yet this solemn offering has gone unnoticed by mankind. How many of my children soon forget what has been given to them. My children nothing has been held back. I have offered you everything a Father can give his children. It is you that have remained far from my heart. Now is the time to turn back to me. I am a benevolent Father ready to give his children many gifts. Simply come to me and I will take you into the palm of my hand. I will again place you in my heart. I will shelter you in the abode of my mercy. I love you my children I call you my own. Each of you unique to my heart. Do not allow this hour to pass without returning to me where you belong. Chosen and cherished to my heart you will always be. I love you each with an everlasting love. 

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