Chosen people. It is I St. Michael coming to sound the trumpets and awaken mankind. Children slumber no more. The hour is near when all things will be made new. Now is the time for you to awaken from your sleep. To long have you rested and let evil enter in your midst. You have allowed your houses to be abandoned and the enemy has entered. No longer do you have dominion over your families. They to have gone astray. Return your hearts to the Lamb. He is the victor over the enemy. Come back with contrite hearts and you will be forgiven. Remain awake now, no longer allow yourselves to be deceived. The hour is upon you when every deed will be brought to light. Repent now and be counted among the elect. They have the kingdom awaiting them. This children you must seek, to know God. To love God. Nothing else will yield you fruit. Except to know and love your God with hearts and minds that are pure. I love you and place my shield before any child who calls upon my assistance. 

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