Chosen people. It is I St. Michael coming to sound my trumpet and awaken the hearts of mankind. Come and rejoice the hour is near when all things will be made new. No longer will mankind walk in darkness. Every deed will be brought to light. Let every tongue confess this truth. Be ready to stand the test. Guard yourselves against all evil. Only through the blood of the lamb will you be victorious. I love you and place my shield before all who call upon my assistance. 

Children. It is I your Heavenly mother. My dear little ones. Keep watch my children. Do not allow sin to take root in your souls. The devil is a deceiver and will try to remove you from your path. Do not fall for his traps. Arm yourself with frequent communions and confessions. Begin to live prayerful lives entrenched in holy virtues and sacrifices. Especially the sacrifice of yourselves. The more you die of yourselves the quicker you will gain sanctity. I love you children and desire for you to lead holy lives. Continue to pray for my intercession. I love you and I will intercede before the throne of Heaven for each of my children. Know this. 

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