Chosen people. It is I St. Michael coming to sound the trumpets and awaken mankind from his slumber. Arise all you sleepers. The hour is fast approaching. Where are your hearts. Remove the hatred and pride that still exists and replace it with sacrifices and obedience. Out of sacrifice and obedience comes forth love. Begin to have hearts that are ready to learn love. Love each other. I love you and place my shield before all who call upon my assistance. 

Children. It is I your Heavenly Mother. My dear little ones. Learn to love each other by praying for each other first. Start simply by asking God to watch over everyone. Offer small sacrifices for one another. Throughout the day whenever you think of someone say a quick prayer for that person. How quickly you will learn love through prayer. A prayerful heart is a forgiving heart. When you are hurt by a brother or sister love them even more. Pray for their hearts to not be hardened. Do not curse or be scornful. Do not let anger take root. My children anger will only lead to hatred. This goes against what my son has taught you. You must begin to make prayer an important part of your day. Then you will grow and become beautiful children with kind and loving hearts. I love you and intercede for each of you. Know this. 

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