Brothers and sisters. It is I your Heavenly King calling each of you unto my heart. Children be weary of wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing. They have come to destroy your efforts. Do not be afraid of what can kill the body. Only be concerned with what can harm the soul. You have heard me tell you that I did not come to condemn you but rather to save you. This is truth. You however must remain in my heart. You must return to me whenever you falter trusting that I will place you in the second chamber of my heart and forgive your sins. I will place my mercy in your soul so you can once again go out and journey towards my heart. Therefore again I tell you do not be afraid of what can harm the body. Do not let that occupy your thoughts. Instead realize that you are more than just a body. You are both body and spirit. I will raise you up. Do not let anything remove you from my heart. Work very hard and tend what I have placed in your path. Then you will grow and produce fruits. I love you and I give you my priestly blessings. Know this. 

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