Brothers and sisters. It is I your heavenly king. Calling each of you unto my heart. Children never worry about what you are to eat or drink. I am the bread of life. You only need worry about removing yourself from my heart. If you are in me and I in you how then can I neglect your needs. Did I not say I will nourish you with my own body. Will I not give you life giving waters. Yes I will take care of each of you that have taken shelter in the abode of my heart. You have listened and heard well. You have taken all of these lessons and are changing your ways. But to the children who listened and did not hear, I tell you the hour is coming when I will make all things new. Now is the time to take shelter in my most compassionate and merciful heart. You do not know the hour I will come and judge this world. Better to be ready now than caught off guard when I come. My judgement will come swiftly and I will leave no stone unturned. Listen then to what I am telling you. The wise man will go out and prepare for the harvest. He will work in the vineyard awaiting the appointed hour. When the time is right he will harvest his grapes and his bounty will be abundant. But the wicked will not work. They will remain asleep until the last hour. They will try to take away from my chosen ones what is not theirs. But they will not be successful. They will see the mighty hand of God come down in judgement against their deeds. Every truth will be brought to light. No one will escape this. Therefor be wise and prepare your hearts now while it is still light out. Darkness will come and no longer will you have time to prepare. I love you and I give you my priestly blessings. Know this. 
( I see a man watching over his grapes. He guards them night and day. When they are ready he is glad because the time has come and he had produced a lot of grapes. The wicked people are angry at God. They blame God for their plight. They try to steal from the man but God sends his Angels to protect him. )

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