Chosen people. It is I St. Michael coming to sound the trumpets and awaken mankind from his slumber. Children do not delay in your preparations. The hour is coming when the son of man will make all things new. He will sit on his throne in judgement. Where will you be delivered to? ( the right or handed over to the left) Where are your treasurers? What worth is a mans soul if he forfeits the kingdom for his useless trinkets. What value is in greed. Or idolatry. Or fornication. Children the axe is at the grinding stone. Anything found that is not producing fruit will be cut down. Value the lessons given to you. Learn from them. Put into practice all that has been told to you. This children is the direction you are receiving. Start to live your days according to what your king has asked of you. Begin by giving your yes to his eternal heart. Followed by loving your brothers and sisters. Everything else will follow from there. I love you and place my shield before any child who hears my message and responds. 
( St. Michael is asking what worth is a man’s soul. God told us in his prayer he gave us. We are to ask God to help us understand our Soul’s value. It is priceless before God. In the prayer we are to be reminded that it was the sacrifice of God’s only son, Jesus who was worthy enough to be ransomed for our Souls. We must begin to see our value to God our father and live our remaining days accordingly. We need to stop risking our salvation on things like greed, idolatry, or fornication. Instead we must return our hearts to God alone. Giving him our “yes” and learning to love our neighbors.)

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