Chosen people. It is I St. Michael coming to sound the trumpets and awaken mankind from his slumber. Children the hour is fast approaching when all things will be made new. By the blood of the lamb you have been saved. Rejoice in this. Open your hearts tonight so his spirit may dwell in you. I love you children and place my shield before any child who needs my assistance. 
Dear children. It is I your Heavenly Mother. My dear little ones. Happy are my children who obey the word of God. The kingdom shall be theirs. My children. Begin to pray from your hearts. Pray until prayer becomes a joy for you. The more you begin to unite yourselves to my son in all things the quicker you will progress on your journey. Enter into the chambers of his sacred heart by giving him your yes. Children you are loved. Know this. I love you and I give you my motherly blessings. 
Children. It is I St. Therese ( the little flower) sending you warm greetings from Heaven. Dear children remain simple before the Lord. Your risen king. Become like little children who trust him with their whole hearts. Children love Jesus just because. ( I can see small children playing happily and holding hands circling.) They do not go around requesting signs and miracles. They are happy merely being his children. Uniquely loved by Him. Become God’s trusting little children in all things. Then you will become trusting in much greater things. ( I could see men and women carrying difficult crosses, they were walking and smiling looking towards Heaven with total trust in God.). I love you children and send you my blessings from Heaven. 
( St. Therese came tonight because it was the feast of Sacred Heart Of Jesus. She was very happy because she loves Jesus’s sacred and merciful heart. She was very happy and is praying for all of us. )

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