Brothers and sisters. It is I your heavenly king calling each of you unto my heart. Children in each present moment I ask you to unite yourself to my most sacred and merciful heart. Do not fear coming to me. I am meek and humble of heart. Children ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door will be opened for you. It is my mercy I wish to give you. My peace I wish to place in your souls. You only need to accept this. To enter the chambers of my sacred heart you must give me your yes. It is your yes that unites us together. I do not force myself upon you. But I am here waiting with an open heart. Pierced for you. Place yourself in my first chamber by giving me your yes. I will give you the graces necessary to enter each of my chambers. How quickly you will travel through my heart if you trust in me. I love you and I give you my priestly blessings. Know this. 

Dear children. It is I your heavenly mother. My dear little ones. I encourage you to follow what my son has been teaching you. His words are truth. My children how quickly you will grow when you give yourselves to my son. Trust him in everything. He loves each of you. If only you would embrace what I am telling you, you would have joy in your hearts even when you have sadness surrounding you. Nothing is impossible when you trust in God’s plan for you. Begin to trust. This can be accomplished through opening your hearts and giving God your yes. Only by accepting his will for you will you begin to develop a trusting heart. I love you my children and I am interceding for you before the throne of God. 

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