Children. It is I your heavenly mother. My dear little ones. Begin to fast on Fridays. Start out with something small that you can offer to God. Fasting from your favorite things helps you to learn detachment. It is not good to be so attached to your things that you would risk your salvation for. That is why I am asking you to begin fasting. Especially on Fridays. It was on a Friday that my son bore everything for you. How often do you pause to reflect on this. Fasting on bread and water is the best way to focus intensely on my son. Pray very hard and offer my son everything. Yes you will endure some sufferings. How much did my son suffer out of love for you. Could you not offer small sacrifices in return. The more you learn to deny yourself in small desires the quicker you will be ready when a difficult task is placed in your midst. Always be ready for what my son has prepared for you. Take nothing for granted. I love you my children. Realize how important this time is. So much is being asked of each of you. Always know that every sacrifice made with love is seen by your Heavenly Father. I love you and I am interceding for each of you before the throne in Heaven. Know this. 

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