Brothers and sisters. It is I your heavenly king calling each of you unto my heart. Children you must start to discern everything that is placed before you. Evaluate what is good and wholesome versus what will take you further away from my heart. Each day you are faced with many choices. Sometimes you choose wisely and you begin to grow and blossom. Other times you choose incorrectly and you take away what is good. You remove grace by your submitting to evil and sin when you willingly partake of what you know is wrong. I am not telling you this to cause your hearts to be troubled but rather I am asking you to begin to discern what you are allowing in your hearts. You must be careful in your choices. A person can eat a large sum of food and receive very little nourishment. He is jeopardizing his health. Whereas a different person can eat a small amount of food and receive much nutrition benefiting their health. Choose wisely so you do not become spiritually weak and sick. Instead come to me and I will nourish you with life giving bread. In me you will find nourishment and salvation. I love you and I give you my priestly blessings. Know this. 

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