Chosen people. It is I St. Michael. Coming to sound the trumpets and awaken the hearts of men. Listen children the risen king is calling each of you to stand and be numbered among the elect. Chosen and cherished are you by the almighty Father. When will you begin to let your faith take root in your heart. How can you stand firm. Unwavering when you still have doubt in your minds. When you remain divided how easily you will fall. Now is the time to unite yourselves to the one true king who is Lord of all. He is salvation. Every knee must bend and tongue confess this solemn truth. Then you will understand the great mystery set before you. ( Jesus) He has conquered the grave and freed mankind from his bondage. He has set a place for each child at the table. He sits at the right hand of his father judging all the inhabitants. Yet who among you is ready to be counted. Least of all be judged. Blessed are the children who forsake their own needs and wants for the sake of another. They will receive mercy at the appointed hour. Ready yourselves. The hour draws near when all will be brought forth before the throne of God. Prepare your hearts now. I love you children and place my shield before any child who calls upon my intercession. 
I will try to put into words the importance of what St. Michael is saying. We must start to grow our faith in Jesus. Our hearts should rise up every time we hear or say his name. I know it is hard to grasp everything that Jesus has done for us. Still we must try. All of our choices and actions should be centered around our love for God followed by our love of neighbor. Then we will be living a life of faith. Mother Teresa once said the only thing we should fear is sin. She was right.  

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