My peace I give to you.Brothers and sisters. I am the lamb slain for your freedom.

Listen to what I am saying. Two birds begin to fly south for the winter. Along the path they are joined by two more and so on. When the get to their destination they are tired and need to stop and nourish themselves before they can continue on with their journey. This is no different for you. You have six days to toil away at your labors. Six days to journey working hard. But on the seventh day you need to rest. You need to nourish yourselves. How quickly you become distracted when you are hungry. Hunger no more. Take and eat. For my flesh is true food and my blood is true drink. I tell you if you eat and drink what I am offering you, you will never hunger or thirst again. Your ancestors ate manna in the desert. Today you are in your own desert starving. Do not forsake the manna given to you from my heart. I am the bread that has come down from heaven. My children you need to nourish yourselves. I love you and I am blessing your efforts. Know this. 

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