My people. It is I your heavenly Father. Coming tonight to remind each of you that you are my children. Chosen and cherished by me. Do not look at each others faults and think that you are better. No one is above the other in my heart. Each of you are unique and each of you are special. Yes you all have faults. No one can come before me without going through my son first. I have given him authority. He is the gate through which you must enter. Children make a point of helping each other. Nothing will come easy to the child who refuses to give or accept help from their sibling. I did not give you each other without purpose. You are here to learn love. Selfless love. I want you to become each others servants. The more you serve each other you will understand selfless love. You will begin to see the joy of being truly present with your brothers and sisters. How quickly you will become good stewards of what I have given you. Each other. I love you my children and I give you my blessings. 

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