Chosen people. It is I St. Michael coming to sound the trumpets and awaken mankind from his slumber. Children. Which direction are you leading yourselves and others. What compass are you using. This is a question you must analyze for yourself. Have you chosen a direction that the world tells you is right and safe knowing that this direction is not aligned with Our Lord. Are you leading others to follow you by your actions and choices. You are called to be men and women of God. The one true king who is Lord of all. Put on your coats of armor and be a witness to this darkened world. Set your compass to God’s direction then ask others to follow. Your duty is to God first and each other second. Lead by example. The example given to you by Jesus Christ. He led by love. I love you and place my shield before all who need my help. Sojourn on in the name of the Lord. 

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