Dear Children. It is I your Heavenly Father. I come tonight to ask for your return to my Heart. It is in my Heart that I wish to make my dwelling with you. You are my beloved children. Chosen and cherished by me. Infinitely I love you. As often as you ponder my existence I have beheld you in my arms. I nourish you with good things. Never have I abandoned you. You are mine. You belong to me. I love you with an everlasting love. Chosen and cherished you will always be to my heart. My peace I give to you and my blessings I bestow upon you. 

Dearest Daughter. Your heart pleases me very much. Do not be saddened by your faults. I have told you what you see as faults. I see as only difficulties. Mere obstacles that with my grace you can easily overcome. It is trust that I desire from you. Trust in my love for you. Trust that you are just as chosen and cherished to my heart. Only tenderness and mercy I wish to bestow upon you. You are my daughter. I love you. Continue on giving me your yes always. Trust in my love for you. When you fall know that I am waiting there to forgive you. You are never far from my heart. You only need to ask. What you need will be given to you. I love you and I am blessing your efforts. Know this. 

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