Children of the king. It is I St. John the apostle coming to bring you the good news that is Jesus Christ. Who was, is, and still to come. May God’s peace reign in your hearts tonight. 
Become bearers of the truth. Lift up your voices in praise to your sovereign king. In my many travels I learned much about stewardship. Giving of self to aid a brother or sister. You must begin to realize that your journey is not a journey you take alone. This is a journey of learning and understanding. A lesson in fellowship and unity. In everyone you meet you will discover trust and fidelity. You will learn stewardship and overcoming your own obstacles through the help of each other. Learn from the birds in the air. They travel in flocks across many miles. They travel together in unison to make the flight easier. By traveling together they help each other and are able to arrive together. This would not be possible if they traveled alone. Children you are not meant to travel alone. You are here to help each other. To be bearers of light for each other when one of you is lost. Become a light in your world. Do not hide away the many talents you have been given. The fruit of what you sow will be gathered at the harvest. How many brothers and sisters will you help reach the table prepared for them by God himself. Work together in unison. Bring about the change necessary to return everyone safely to the Fathers arms. We are all called to follow what Christ taught. Even in death we still reveal the many mysteries that we have received. I love you dear children and I give you my prayers and blessings. 

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