My dear Brothers in Christ. Chosen men of God. These words are for you from Jesus:Do not be afraid in these remaining hours. You will be witnesses to my coming glory. In your duties you will see me. I am only hidden by your lack of faith. In each moment I am by your side.

When you consecrate your bread I enter it. Not by words alone by through hearts full of faith. Every word uttered by your lips I unite my self to. Out of love I enter that humble piece of wheat. How many of my children you have strengthened with me. 

In the confessional when again you utter words of absolution I am with you united to your hearts. Because of your love how many of my children have been raised from the dead. 

Preserver in your prayers. Look out at my children and take pity on them for they have fallen asleep. You must wake them. 

Take courage my sons. You are not alone in this battle. I have given you my spirit. The Paraclete to strengthen you. When you need wisdom ask I will hear you. Place all words of counsel before me. I will put my words on your tongues. In fortitude do I desire for you to work. Understanding do I wish for you to teach. It is my mercy that I desire for you to give to my Fathers children. 

You are my chosen ones. Live by my words. Take nothing I have give you for yourself but give everything. I will reward you. Nothing done by you goes unnoticed or unseen by me. Be faithful to all you have heard. 

In my presence you are always. Do not be fooled into thinking you have time to change what destruction you have allowed into your hearts. You too do not know the hour I will come to judge what I have placed before you. Repent. My mercy is for you. 

Listen to the cries of my sons and daughters placed at your doorsteps. Do not look away at their miseries. No one comes before you that I have not sent to you. Do you not see. 

Begin to place your hearts before me. It is I who will take your hearts into the depths of my chambers. I will unite my self to you. Do not allow yourselves to wander my sons. No. Remain before me always. 

I love you. You are chosen by me to Shepard my sheep. Do not allow a little one to be lost to me. Pray for your flock. Nourish your flock. Heal them. Bring them back from their rest. All of this you will do united to my will. I will bless you and call each of you unto myself. 

I love you and I give you my blessings. 

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