My people. It is I your Heavenly King coming to ransom each of you unto my heart. Brothers and sisters. Your pleas do not go unnoticed by me. I hear every word that is uttered. My heart goes out to all of my sheep who are trying to follow my words. You are my chosen ones. You listen and take my words deep into your souls. You work hard trying to set an example for others to follow. I see the fruits of your labor. In my fourth chamber I place you. You will see your just reward. Tonight I give words of encouragement for all of my Fathers children. Especially those who have fallen asleep. Open your eyes and hearts. Listen to the words you are hearing. You must become prudent in your choices. When you see your choices are destructive to your soul then stop and immediately seek my forgiveness. Do not delay for even a second. You do not know which second I will call you before me in judgement. Therefor do not allow sins to take root in your hearts, repent and learn from your failings. Start anew. This moment has been given to you. Rejoice in this brothers and sisters. Peace will again return to your world. But first you must yield to my words. You must change your hardened hearts and seek justice. My mercy is for you. So ask. Am I not here ready to give you what you need. If you ask any thing of me I will give to you what you need. But you must accept my will. You must give me your yes. When you freely give me your yes you are uniting yourself to me. There I will place my graces into your soul. I will help you during your difficult moments. It is you who must remember to trust in my love for you. It is my love for each of you that caused me to offer everything on your behalf. Even my last breath I gave for your salvation. I love you. You belong to me. Know this. 

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