Brothers and sisters. It is I your heavenly king coming to ransom each of you unto my heart. Fear not the time you are living in. I am sending my graces into your world. Listen quietly and patiently. Open your hearts to receive my graces. They are for you to use during your journey. When you face an obstacle remember how much I love you. I will give you fortitude to help you persevere. When you fall I will place you in my second chamber and cover you with my precious blood forgiving all of your sins. My child my mercy is for every repentant heart that reaches out to me. I hear your cries. They are not left in the silence. ( I see a dark night with complete silence. Looks like a forest with a small voice that begins to cry out to the Lord in distress and Jesus lovingly placing the cries into his heart.) I place them in my heart and pour my mercy out to you. Recall how much I suffered at the hands of my brothers and sisters who turned their backs on me. Still I loved them. Not a moment went by during my passion that you were not in my thoughts and prayers. Yes. I prayed to my Father for your salvation. I offered him everything. I gave him my yes to his will. Now I ask you to give me your yes to my will for you. Be still and do not fear. I come to you tonight as the merciful savior ready to unite my self to you. Accept my love and offer me everything. I will place you in my heart and make my dwelling with you. I love you and I give you my priestly blessings tonight. Know this. 
Dear children. It is I your heavenly mother. My dear little ones. Persevere in prayer. Let your prayer lives be an example of your loving trust in my son. Do not hesitate in offering everything to my son. Whatever you give he will surely bless. I love you dear children and I place each of you in my mantle of motherly love.  

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