Brothers and sisters. I am the lamb slain for her people. Choose wisely for you do not want to be caught off guard. Do not grow weary of your travels for you still have further to go. Much will be expected of my trusted ones. Those brothers and sisters who freely offered me their yes will be remembered in my first chamber of my sacred heart. They will not be defeated when the enemy comes. I will keep them safely united to me in the chambers of my heart. First then understand what is expected of each of you. Love one another. Give alms to the needy. Forgive just as I have forgiven you. Do not take that which you do not have ownership of. Forsake everything for the kingdom and you will receive everything back tenfold. Do not allow even the hardest ( difficult people) of my little ones to fall prey to the devil on your account. These very small ones are just as beloved by me and my Father. Give and expect nothing in return. I will give you your reward. Remember what you have been told. Take each lesson into your heart. The time is coming when I will descend (on a cloud) and pass judgment against all of mankind. Do not be forsaken by me. Remain in the light then everything you do will be seen. By the light of day all things are revealed and all will see these truths. Do not wait till darkness comes. Only in darkness does man try to hide what he is ashamed of. Be children of the light. Never fearing my presence among you. I love you and I give you my priestly blessings. Know this. 
Forsake: abandon or desert

Alms: charity. Giving money or food to the poor to relieve their sufferings. 
When Jesus said forsake everything for the kingdom and we will get everything back tenfold. I could see people willingly giving up all of their vices. Even their lives for the kingdom. The love of God. Then I saw them entering Heaven. Everything they had given up and sacrificed was rewarded in Heaven. The happiness they felt was so much greater than the sadness they felt giving up their different things for God.  

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