Children. It is I your Heavenly Mother. My dear little ones. Do not allow the holocaust that is invading your world to continue. Every life is precious to God. He is the creator of all life. Every child is equally important in his heart. Do not be fooled into thinking one (child) has more value than another (child). Dear children this is wrong. You need to love and cherish each other just as the Heavenly father loves and cherishes each of you. It is in loving each other that you begin to grow in holiness. This is what your Heavenly father wishes from his children. To love and respect each other. Learn from my son who gave everything for love of you, his brothers and sisters. He gave his life for your eternal salvation. He did this freely out of love. A love that is never ending. Filled with faith and justice. Pray for the ability to see all life as sacred. Pray to learn forgiveness from your hearts. Pray especially for your brothers and sisters who are lost or without hope. They are being misled. They need your loving prayers and forgiving hearts. My little ones. The more you begin to love the more you will resemble my son who is love. I love you dear children and I give you my motherly blessings. Know this. 

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