Brothers and sisters: I am the Lamb slain for His people. Listen to what I am telling you. According to the measure that you judge your brother is the measurement that will be judged against you. So I warn you do not be so eager to pass judgment on anyone. Instead have compassion and forgiveness, be the garments that you clothe yourself with. Then my Father will have compassion and mercy for you. If you find fault with your brother gently point out the situation. Always remain steeped in love, for you also have faults that you need to be made aware of. If your brother becomes upset with you do not retaliate back with anger or a hard heart. Instead retreat and offer patience. Then come to me and pray for grace for your brother’s eyes to be open. Again I remind you that you too will wish to become upset when you find your faults revealed. My brothers and sisters, how much you suffer from pride. Pride is a lack of selfless love. Again I tell you if you have pride, you suffer from overabundance of self-love. This self-love will become your stumbling block and cause you to pass judgment on each other. Something I am warning you against doing. Practice loving, your brothers and sisters, by being slow to anger and quick to forgive. I love you and I am blessing your efforts.  

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