Brothers and sisters: There are many lessons you still need to learn. But of all the lessons the most important of these is love. You have much love for yourselves and very little for your neighbor. Yet I have commanded you to love your neighbor as yourself. This self-love has become a stumbling block on your road towards Heaven. You must learn to love. Each of my Father’s children has a purpose here on earth. Each of you has been given the graces to work together. How do you begin to turn your self-love into selfless love?  

• First stop judging each other. I have told you, you will be judged according to the measuring stick you use on your brothers and sisters. This judgment comes from comparing yourself to others. This is the very ruler that I am talking about. Do not compare yourself to anyone. Each of you, are on a different journey. Yes, your roads are meant to intersect, but only to learn love and compassion. I have told you, that each of you, are unique and special. Like flowers. No two are alike yet all are needed to complete the garden. So stop looking at each other’s faults. Instead look at each other’s uniqueness.  

• Next learn to give from your heart. You are always making sure your needs are met to an overflowing abundance and yet you let our brother go hungry. Are you not your brother’s keeper? Did my Father not give you each other to learn love? Since the beginning you were instructed to be fruitful and fill the Earth. Not destroy the very children placed in your wombs. So much has been given to you and yet you cry out because you lack. Begin to give to each other, then no one will be lacking.  

• Finally, accept everything as a gift from the Father. All you have has been provided for you. Have I not said that I am sending you graces for this or that virtue? Begin to place your focus on each other. Learn to forgive and have mercy for each other. Then my Heavenly Father will have mercy for you. Is not your life worth much more than the birds in the air and yet my Father provides for them. If then, you are so important and loved, why then do you not see this in each other? Remove the hatred from your hearts then you will begin to see each other with the eyes of love.  

Love each other. That is what I command of you. I love you and I am blessing your efforts in this. I place each of you in the chambers of my Sacred Heart. It is in my Sacred Heart that you will find forgiveness and mercy. What I have freely given to you, freely give to each other. Then peace will reign in your world. My peace I give to you.  

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