Brothers and sisters: I call you this, because you are not just creatures created by my Father. No, you are His children. You were born out of love and great sacrifice. For this reason I call you brother and sister. Listen to me when I tell you go change from a life of sin and splendor. (I see a man with jewels on his finger eating large amounts of food.) Instead return to a life of prayer. You have many things and yet you are spiritually naked. Instead of clothing yourselves with virtues you have clothed yourselves in the clothes of hell. But do not fear. All you need is trust in my Mercy. Come to me and I will wash your garments clean with my blood. I will feed you with my body. Then you will never hunger again. I call you unto myself. You belong to me. I did not lay down my life for a stranger, but rather, I laid down my life for you my friend. Again, I ask you to clothe yourself with repentance for great are your many sins. And again I tell you my Mercy is greater than the many sins you have. I did not come into the world to condemn it. I came into the world to save it. I came to bring the lost sheep home back to my Father where you belong. I love you and I am blessing your efforts in this.  


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