Brothers and sisters: I am the Lamb who took away your sins. My mercy I give to you. My peace I give to you. In my Father’s house there are many dwelling places. For this I laid down my life, so all who believe in me may enter the Kingdom thru me. I am the gate. This I must tell you. My children, you are lost, but not to my heart. You will never be lost to my heart. But your choices are leading you further and further away from me. No longer do you hear my voice calling out to you. But I will seek you out even to the ends of the earth. If only one of my Father’s children was lost, I would seek that child out and return to my Father with His child in my arms. Yet, so many of you are wandering lost. Stop wandering and return to me. I love you. Listen with your heart. I am mercy: Ready to forgive you. All you need to do is trust in me. Trust that I love you. Trust that I will forgive your many transgressions. Trust that I have come into this world not to condemn you but to save you. I was pierced in the head with thorns for you. Nails were driven through my hands and feet for you. My body was scourged for you. I laid down my life for you. I am the Lamb slain for you. Now do you hear my voice calling out for my lost brothers and sisters? Every moment you have choices. You can give your “Yes” to me or you can turn away. I am always waiting with open arms. You have nothing to fear. My Mercy is for this generation. So much I am ready to give any soul who gives me his or her “Yes”. What does giving your “Yes” mean: Accepting my will in each moment you have, trusting in my providence for you. Unite yourself to my sacred heart. Fear not. For truly you are loved. I am blessing you with my priestly blessing tonight.  

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