St. Michael
Greetings: It is I, St Michael. I come tonight once again to awaken mankind from his slumber. May you hear the trumpets in your soul. Now is the time to get up and remove all the obstacles that are blocking your path. The hearts of many have become hardened. No longer do you hear your Lord calling out to you. You have become lost in your own wilderness of hatred and scorn. You deceive even yourselves. No longer should your words be empty. Gird yourselves with the robes of repentance. Return your hearts to the Lord. He is your true King. He is the Lamb slain for the salvation of mankind. Get up and quickly turn away from the wrong choices you are making. I am here to assist you. Turn your ears away from the noise filling your soul. Instead quiet yourselves and listen once again to your Shepherd calling out to his lost sheep. So loved are you. Let God your creator and Father once again rein in your hearts. This is the day to truly start anew. For truly the Kingdom of the Lord is here. Dear children you do not realize what is at stake, your very eternity. Are you so willing to throw away what you do not know you have, for things that only bring you temporal joy? Instead open your hearts to your Father. There you will find true joy and everlasting life. I too stand before the throne of the almighty interceding for you. May the Risen King bless you and send you the graces to open your hearts once again.  

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