Brothers and sisters: I am the Good Shepherd who laid down my life for my sheep. I know my sheep and my sheep know me. But who are my sheep. I tell you anyone who believes in me is my sheep. I love you and I am sending you my blessings tonight.  
6/20/2011 God the Father
My children: It is I, your Heavenly Father. Listen to my words. I have loved you since the beginning. From Abraham to my Son I have not left you orphaned. My children: Your ways are not my ways. I love. I create from love. You lack love in your hearts. You love only yourselves. When you begin to return to a people who place me first then you will learn selfless love. You are lost: wandering in your own desert. What are you waiting for? My Son has already come. He opened the gate for your salvation. Yet you wander as if you have nowhere to go: Homeless. Well you are not homeless. You have a home with me. I created a Kingdom for you, given to my Son. He awaits the return of His brothers and sisters. I wait for your return to my heart. Now is the time to turn away from your wickedness. Turn your back on all evil and come back to your Father where you are truly loved. My children: Now is the time to decide for Heaven. Put all of your focus on this. Only when you decide to give me your “yes”, will you begin to follow the path that leads you to my heart. I love you. I have never left you orphaned. Give me your “yes” and I will make my dwelling place with you. I will give you the graces to endure all the trials that lay ahead of you. I am not burdensome, I am love, I am justice, and I am mercy. I love you with an everlasting love. You are mine and you belong to me. My peace I give to you.  

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