God the Father
My dear children: It is I, your Heavenly Father. My children: Come to me and open your hearts to me tonight. Give me your “yes” in every moment. How loved each one of my children are. So special you are to me. I have loved each of you since the beginning. I carved each of you out of the palm of my hand. Chosen and cherished are you by me. Do you know this? You are! Each of you is unique and special in my heart. Did I not say that I know the very number of strands of hair on your head? Did I not create a Kingdom for my children? You were made out of love. I made you in my image and likeness. Who am I? I am love. You were created from love. Look inside yourself. What do you see? Do you see hatred, anger, or jealousy? Then you are choosing the wrong path. You are not those things. These are the things I have been telling you to stop filling your hearts with. Instead of hatred fill your heart with love. Instead of anger fill your heart with peace. Instead of jealousy, fill your heart with compassion. All of this you already have in your heart. You must begin to search for these virtues. I have placed all of this within you. Open your heart and do not turn away. I have not forgotten you my child. I have not left you orphaned. I love you with an everlasting love. You are mine and you belong to me.  

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