Brothers and sisters: Come to me all who are weary and I will give you rest, for my yoke is easy and my burden is light. Brothers and sisters: I ask you. Why do you place such burdens on yourselves? You have created your heavy loads by trying to fill your lives with things. You try to seek happiness in things. I have told you if you wish to seek happiness you need to pick up your cross and come follow me. So much I have given you already and so much I still wish to give. But you must open your hearts to receive my gifts. You have turned your hearts away from me. I will break your hearts of stone. I love you. Listen to what I am telling you. You have a road set out before you. I am waiting at the end of your road with open arms. Ready to carry you home. Yet you still wish to become distracted with useless things. How long will you forsake me my child? I have never forsaken you. I have loved you even to my death. Truly if the whole world forsakes you, I would never. I am mercy; so ready am I to forgive you. Come to me with a heart that is contrite and I will forgive. I will shower you with graces. My mercy is endless for my Father’s children. You are loved. Accept this. Begin anew by giving your “Yes” to all that I have asked. Unite yourself to my will then you will have the happiness that you seek. Open your heart to my love. Then you will have peace. Do not place your heart in treasures from this world. Instead begin to build treasure in Heaven. Where no thief can enter and steal it or have it fade away into dust. I love you and I am blessing you tonight.  

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