Blessed Mother
My dear children: It is I, your Heavenly Mother. My dear little ones: My immaculate heart was pierced with sorrow for the Passion of my Son. Today my heart is pierced for my children who are wandering lost. This world has become your desert. You remain in exile because you have lost faith. You have lost your way. My children turn your hearts over to my Son. He is the true way. When you give your “Yes” to Him you will no longer be lost wandering in exile. Rather you will be united to Him. I am your mother and I love you. In order for you to give your “Yes” to my Son you must listen to what He has been telling you. Read the bible every day. Begin to pray from your hearts. This way you can ask for my Son to bless your day. You can open your hearts to receive His graces to help you along in your journey. But to open your hearts you first have to empty yourselves of everything that keeps you from my Son. Remove all distractions from your mind and heart. Then you can pray without ceasing. Begin to fast on Fridays. Fasting helps to cleanse your body and soul. You must begin to deny yourself in small things so when the devil comes to tempt you, you will have the strength to deny yourself from sinful pleasures. It is important to purify yourselves now while you have the freedom to do so. Your time here is so short. Before you realize it you will be before my Son in judgment. That is why I am asking you to begin to open your hearts now. Give Him your “Yes”. Then He will bless your efforts. You will rejoice when you see the joys and happiness in Heaven. You will never regret this choice. But this choice only you can make, my little ones. Choose wisely. I love you and I am blessing you with my motherly love.  

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