Brothers and sisters: Listen to my words.  

Two men were traveling along a road. They began to argue with one another. Neither man was willing to give in They decided to go their separate ways. After awhile the first man began to feel sorry. He stopped walking and went after the other man. When he caught up to him he found the second man still angry. He apologized and asked for forgiveness and the man refused. The first man went away sullen. He felt remorse for having caused an argument to begin with.  

I ask you. What did the second man gain by holding a grudge? Nothing. The first man was trying to live my commandment of love. How often do you prevent your brother from following my commandment of love? How often do you refuse to forgive your brother and yet wish for me to forgive you. I tell you first go make up with those you have offended. Immediately forgive your brother and accept his apology. Then you will have true happiness. Then you will seek the Kingdom, before you come to the table set out before you. Love your brother. That is what I command of you. Open your hearts to these words tonight. I love you and I am blessing your efforts.  

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