Brothers and sisters: To enter the Kingdom you must come through me. I am the way the truth and the life. Listen to this story.  

Two men are walking down the road. They pass up a man who is begging for money. The first man reaches into his wallet and hands the man a dollar. The second man rolls his eyes and walks away. He admonishes the first man telling him he is wasting his money. This man should get a job instead of begging.  

I tell you no one should judge another man’s soul. The first man did the right thing. He loved his brother and helped him. He did not judge or question his motives. Instead he simply helped. Love will only enter your world when you stop judging each other. You must put your brothers and sisters needs ahead of your own. You have placed yourselves on such pedestals and placed others far below you. I tell you those you have placed beneath you will be entering ahead of you in my Father’s Kingdom. If you wish to seek the Kingdom, start to put others first. The more you give without expecting any reward the quicker you will learn what selfless love is. The more you practice this selfless love the sooner you will have peace in your world. My children, I tell you do not judge one another lest you wish to be judged by the same measuring stick. Instead love one another as I have commanded you. Then you will have happiness. I love you and I am blessing your efforts.  

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