Brothers and sisters: To learn love you must start with compassion. You need to see each other’s uniqueness. I have told you stop looking for the iniquities in each other. Yes, they are there, however it is in weakness that you find opportunities to aid each other. It is in those traits that you begin to learn compassion and thus learn love. Truly I tell you to enter the Kingdom you must learn love. Everything you do must begin first in your heart. Then your actions can spread out from there. When you begin with love, your actions will yield you much fruit. Listen to this story.

A young girl is cooking with her mother. Her mother asks her to crack some eggs for the cake they are making. As the young girl begins to break the egg she thoughtfully asks her mother, “where does this egg come from”. Her mother answers, “a chicken.” “Where does the chicken come from”. She answers, “God made the chicken.” “Why did the chicken give us this egg”, she asks. Her mother says, “Because with this egg we will be able to make this cake to share with our family.” The daughter smiles and cracks the egg.  

My children: Do you see the simplicity. Everything has been created for you with love. You do not go hungry because the Father has provided good things for His children just as this mother was for her family. Understand the more you are willing to have compassion for each other the more you will resemble me. I love you and I am blessing you tonight.  

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