Brothers and sisters: Listen to what I am saying.

There were two men in a field. Each one was harvesting corn. The first man harvested his corn all day. He toiled in the earth and finished at sunset. The second man also harvested his corn, however he offered his day to me. He too toiled until the sun set.  

Both of these men did my will. Yet only the second man offered me his day. Only the second man received my blessings. How many times do you toil away at your work without offering me even a moment of your day? Yet I tell you, you are never away from my heart for even an instant. Even from my cross I loved you. Everything I have given you, yet you still forget me. Place me first. Offer me everything then I will bless your work. Unite everything to my Sacred Heart. So much love I have for you brothers and sisters. My Mercy is endless. I am with you always, even till the end of time. Keep holiness as your armor. Gird your waist with the fruits of honesty. What you robe yourself with now, will be your reward in the Kingdom. I love you with an everlasting love. My peace I give to you.  

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