Brothers and sisters. I am the resurrection. Those who believe in me will have eternal life. Brothers and sisters. So much has been offered to you. Your very souls were saved by my sacrifice. Yet you question this very fact. You question your very existence. You exist because the Father willed it so. You are here because the Father breathed life into you. He did not bring you into existence to be slaves. No, he made you his children. He is your Father. You were created from love. This is in the depths of every child’s soul. You were not created to hate. That is a lie. You have hatred in your hearts because you have placed everything ahead of your Father. You spend more time worshiping your golden calves than you do worshiping the one true God. Today you need to repent and return to me. I have such love for you. How many times will I forgive you? As long as you ask, that is how many times. Trust in my mercy. Trust in my love for you. Look at my hands pierced for you. Did I not wear a crown of thorns for you? Did I not bear a cross for you? I laid down my life for you my brothers and sisters. No one took it from me. I freely gave it as a ransom for your many sins. What I laid down, I also took up. I am the resurrection. Whoever believes in me will have eternal life. My Father has given me his kingdom. To enter the kingdom you must come through me. I am the way. Give me your “yes”. I will break your hearts of stone. Give me your “yes” tonight. I am sending graces to you. Do you not know that you are never alone. I am with you always. I love you and I am blessing you with my priestly blessings. 

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