Brothers and sisters: I came into this world not to condemn you, but to save you. Today that message has not changed. My love is everlasting. So is my Mercy for my people. My Father created a Kingdom for His children. In this Kingdom there are many dwellings. I would not tell you this if it were not true. Would a father create such a place if he did not intend on his children residing there? But you have turned your back and walked away. Instead of placing your Father first in your heart you have placed things. You have made gods out of your items thereby sinning against the First Commandment. You will never have happiness or peace in your world unless you change your hearts and return to a people who place their Creator first. What you think is rightfully yours will be taken from you. And what you have made your god will crumble and turn to dust before your very eyes. The choice is yours and only you can journey this road. Which way you go is truly up to you. My brothers and sisters: Hear what I am telling you. No man can serve two masters. You will love one and despise the other. Look around at what you have surrounded yourselves with. That is where your heart lies. You have already decided which master you will love. I tell you this because it is not too late to change. Now is the time to repent of your mistakes. I am merciful. Any child who comes to me with a contrite heart I will forgive. I will send that child graces to help them change. This is not an easy task. You are never alone in this. I am always with you. Even to the ends of the earth. That is how loved you are. Do not fear what I am telling you. I tell you this out of love and mercy for my brothers and sisters. I will come as the just judge. How will you be ready to face me, if I do not tell you? I will come like a thief in the night. Now is the time to prepare for my arrival. I love you with an everlasting love. I send you my blessings tonight. My peace I give to you.  

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