Brothers and sisters. Tonight I wish to yet again talk about my mercy. If you counted all the blades of grass covering your planet you would come no where near the vast mercy I have for you. It is infinite. That is why I tell you do not fear coming to me. Even if your sins are as many as those blades of grass, I will forgive them all. You only need to ask and trust in what I am telling you. Brothers and sisters how much mercy are you willing to give to each other? How many times will you forgive your brother or sister of their transgression? An acre worth? Maybe only a patch of grass. So small is the mercy you carry for each other. What I am offering to you is what you should offer your siblings. Unconditional love. When you begin to remove all hatred and pride from your heart then you can fill it with love and mercy. Unite yourself to my Sacred Heart. I will fill you with graces to soften your heart. So loved are you by all of Heaven. This is the very love you need to spread throughout the world. My love is infinite. So is my mercy. This is the message I wish to be spread to the ends of the earth. All of you are equal in my heart, and likewise all of you are entitled to my mercy. Come to me and do not be afraid. My yoke is easy and my burden is light. Did I not come into this world to save it? Did I not lay down my life for each of you? I am the Shepard calling out to you. Listen to my voice. You belong to me. Know this. I love you with an everlasting love and I am blessing your efforts.

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