Brothers and sisters: I am the Lamb slain for His people. Tonight I am going to teach you about sacrifice. When you sacrifice anything it must first start out in your heart before any action can take place. If you sacrifice without love then you are merely doing it for show. You wish for others to see you and think how great and holy you are. I tell you if you do anything without love you are doing the work of the devil. Pride has become a stumbling block for you. First look into your heart and ask yourself what is your purpose in suffering and what do you expect in return. Your sacrifice should be selfless, only looking for my reward. Seek first the Kingdom with all your heart. Then everything you do will be pleasing to me. I will bless your sacrifices. When you sacrifice do not tell your brother that you are sacrificing for them. Instead remain silent and offer me your silence. I will in return bless your efforts. Many graces can be gained when you sacrifice from your heart. Many difficulties you will encounter when you sacrifice from pride. Remember this. I love you and I am blessing you tonight.  

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