God the Father
My dear children: It is I, your Heavenly Father. Tonight I wish to teach you about wisdom. Wisdom is a gift A grace that touches your heart. This grace gives you guidance during moments in your life when you need to make choices, especially when justice is concerned. Come to me and ask for this grace. So often you make decisions based on inaccurate information. You rely on yourself instead of seeking guidance from your Father who sees and knows all. Who among you has the right to judge another, or pass judgment on a situation? Would you judge that person or situation with a merciful heart or would you have compassion and kindness putting the other person’s situation ahead of your own. My children: Wisdom comes from the heart. Again I tell you, it is a gift that I will, to send my children who ask. Then you will choose wisely with love instead of rendering a judgment with hatred. It is peace that your world needs. Begin to ask for my graces. Peace will only come to this world when you return to my heart and begin to love each other. When you give me your “yes” then I can give you the wisdom to learn love, a selfless love for each other. Return your hearts to me, then you will begin to sow peace. I love you with an everlasting love. I am blessing you my children tonight.  

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